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What is SustainLane Government?

SustainLane Government is basically:


    1. An online Knowledge Base of best practices in sustainability and environmental management. This is open to the public.
    2. A Peer Network of sustainability practitioners in state and local government, along with their contractors and consultants. Access to the Peer Network is restricted to practitioners only.



How do I get started?

Though access is free, you must register. More on Getting Started


What is the knowledge base?

The SustainLane Government knowledge base makes it easier to discover best practices in sustainability. It charts programs that have worked in state and local government.

The knowledge base organizes program documents according to basic levels of government: cities, counties, states in the United States; municipalities, regions, and provinces in Canada. It can also recognize other management areas such as Air Quality Management Districts (AQMD).

The knowledge base can be quickly searched or browsed. Find out what government programs are providing energy security, reducing solid and hazardous waste, developing green buildings and infrastructure, etc.


How do I submit to the knowledge base?

SustainLane Government relies on user-contributed best practices from government practitioners. To submit a best practice:


    1. Go here. Or click the blue button, marked “Submit,” which appears on the universal navigation.
    2. Then follow the prompts to send a file from your computer to ours.


It takes a few days for us to review the best practice document to ensure that it meets the standard for the knowledge base.


Which best practices meet the standard for the knowledge base?

Documents we accept include, but aren’t limited to:

    • ordinances
    • program reports
    • action plans


We tend to showcase, first and foremost, those documents that can show practitioners working in state and local government how best to proceed with their own projects. Toward this end, we tend to privilege submissions that cover most, if not all, of the following:

    • Summary of the problem or challenge that is being addressed
    • Program implementation, including project plan
    • Organizations involved
    • Fiscal summary
    • Current status
    • Lessons learned



What’s the access fee, or subscription fee?

No fee. Use of SustainLane Government is free of charge, but the Peer Network is only available to state/local government professionals and their consultants in the private sector. We wanted to provide free learning and discovery tools to policy makers, practitioners, and citizens–to encourage one-stop easy access and expert networks around sustainable development.


How is the site supported?

SustainLane is supported by sponsorship and advertising. And love.


How do I know if I am eligible for access to the Peer Network of government professionals?

This access is granted to city, county, and state professionals working in departments such as environmental management, sustainable development, water, waste, energy, transportation, city planning, fleet management, procurement, parks and open space, conservation. If you work in NGOs or consulting firms that are currently partnering or contracted with a city, county, or state department on a project, please have your official liaison in local government email us to authorize full access. Contact us if you have questions about eligibility or registration, generally.


Who’s hosting this site?

SustainLane, based in San Francisco, provides online sustainability resources for cities, business and consumers. Founded in 2004, SustainLane has benchmarked sustainability and environmental programs, policies and practices for the largest 50 U.S. cities. The company is recognized as the leading third-party source for municipal sustainability metrics by city executive and industry leaders, as well as by media, citizens and non-governmental organizations.

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