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Seattle Video

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels: “Thank you SustainLane for recognizing Seattle and thank you moreover for coming up with a way to try to measure some of the things that we’re doing in America’s cities. I’m a great believer in cities. I’ve worked in local government my entire adult life. Because it’s a place where you can make a difference: you can roll up your sleeves every day and at the end of the day see the difference you’ve made. I think it’s appropriate that the cities of America are also the place where sustainability is talked about and really worked on every day.”

Denver Video

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper: “The Mile High City is honored to be recognized by SustainLane as a top city for sustainable practices, highlighting our successes with green fleets, energy-saving programs, integrated transit-land use solutions, and our new citywide sustainable development initiative,” said Mayor John Hickenlooper. “By focusing on the interconnectedness between the social, economic and environmental impacts of our policies and programs, we in Denver seek to ensure that future generations will enjoy a quality of life characterized by environmental beauty, economic opportunity and resource abundance.”

Honolulu Video

Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann: “It’s an honor to have Honolulu recognized among the leading cities in the country in SustainLane’s list of most sustainable cities. Our pristine environment, from the mountains to the sea, has always been precious to our residents and visitors alike,” said Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann. “Whether it’s waste-to-energy recycling, developing clean mass transit, or striving to be more energy-efficient, we’ve been taking the necessary steps to insure that our island home, with its many unique challenges, is cared for, following in the footsteps of the indigenous people who first called Honolulu home. As mayor, I’ve always said that we should leave our city better than we found her and we appreciate that SustainLane recognizes that we are well on our way.”

Portland Video

Portland / Mayor Tom Potter:“We’re definitely proud to be recognized by SustainLane for all the ways Portland’s citizens and businesses are working together to create a more sustainable community. In Portland the local governments are leaders for sustainability but it’s really the grassroots actions from the neighborhoods and the businesses that make this a special place. The City is buying renewable power and conserving energy, and so are tens of thousands of residents. The City has a green building policy, but it’s the builders and developers and buyers who actually change the market. it’s the people who shop at the farmers markets, the growers who manage their farms sustainably, the folks who choose to bike or take the bus to work, and all those day to day decisions that are making a huge difference.”

San Francisco Video

San Francisco / Mayor Gavin Newsom: “San Francisco is honored to be awarded by SustainLane (as a result of) its comprehensive sustainability City Rankings study,” said Mayor Newsom. “Sustainability is important not only for protecting citizens’ health and ensuring a great quality of life here in San Francisco, but also for boosting the local economy with jobs and services in everything from clean technologies to fresh food and green building products produced in California.”

Austin Video

Austin Mayor Will Wynn:“How can we help tie together the energy and transportation sectors together to really start to have a more holistic view of sustainability?…A relatively simple answer is essentially taking existing hybrid technology vehicles and by dramatically expanding the battery capacity and then having the ability with a plug-in charger on the vehicle itself where folks would be able to simply plug their car in to a wall socket mostly over night and get a charge with technology advancements it could represent fifty, seventy, maybe ninety miles of commuting the next day. The vast, vast majority of Americans commute less than twenty-five miles each day. So here’s this opportunity to tie what has been this big massive transportation sector into this big massive energy sector and start to see what kind of efficiencies and synergies there can be…”

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley: “We’re very pleased that Chicago is being recognized as one of the top cities in the nation for our sustainability and for our efforts to improve the quality of life in our city. Creating a sustainable city requires using the tools of government to create the conditions that can lead to healthy, thriving, livable communities,” said Mayor Richard M. Daley. “The goal is to make our cities places where people live because they want to, not because they have to. If people are proud of their city, they’ll be willing to invest in the city — whether it’s fixing up their home, or expanding their business. It has to be a place where they really enjoy living, working and raising their families.”
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg: “As America’s largest city, New York is honored to be recognized by SustainLane as one of the country’s ten most sustainable cities. Putting principles of sustainable development into practice is crucial to making sure that this City continues to be a place where people want to live and businesses want to grow in the 21st century,” said Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. “We know that our city must lead by example and we are working hard to make the ‘Big Apple’ a green apple.”
Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown: “I believe that city policies can make a real impact on the environment. Imagine if cities worked together to reduce their landfill or community waste to near zero by 2020. Imagine that these cities received 100% of their electricity renewably by 2030, doubled their mass transit systems by 2040 and reduced their greenhouse gases by 70% in 45 years. This can be achieved,” said Mayor Jerry Brown. “Elements of this vision are already in place in cities around the world. For the work we have done, Oakland is proud to receive this green city award from SustainLane.”
Santa Monica Mayor Pam O’Connor: “For years Santa Monica has taken pride in its leadership role in the sustainable city movement. It is an honor to be recognized for our achievements by SustainLane and included in this exceptional group of top 10 sustainable cities. Santa Monica has shown that even the small cities can lead the way and we hope that these awards inspire many other U.S. cities, large and small, to begin reaping the benefits of becoming a sustainable city.
Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates: “In Berkeley, we already have over 200 green businesses — from waste recyclers to solar power companies to restaurants. Now we’re moving aggressively to roll out the “green carpet” and put sustainable businesses at the center of our economic development efforts,” said Mayor Tom Bates.
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