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New York Speaks: Q&A; with City Officials
In August of 2008, SustainLane spoke with Rohit Aggarwala and Ariella Maron, Director and Deputy Director, respectively, of New York City’s Office of Long-term Planning and Sustainability. Maron and Aggarwala spoke to us about the challenges of sustaining a centuries-old city with aging infrastructure and about how the city will accommodate an estimated influx of one million people by 2030………read

Top Ten US City Use of Renewable Energy
Which of the largest 50 US cities provide citizens with the highest percentage of power produced from renewable energy? ……..read

A hundred million little issues: an interview with Minneapolis sustainability coordinators
SustainLane Government chatted up Gayle Prest and Daniel Huff, who coordinate the sustainability program for the city of Minneapolis. They discuss the integrated strategy employed by their city, which accomplishes sustainability management without a centralized, dedicated staff……..read

Top Ten Alternative Fueled City Fleets
SustainLane surveyed the largest 50 cities as to the percentage of their city fleets using alternative fuels…… read

Top US Cities for Cleantech Incubation Clusters
SustainLane analyzed US cities to see which led in combining Cleantech investments, infrastructure and supportive policies into effective incubation clusters…… read

Ten Things You Can Do To Green Your Community
Here are changes that anyone can adopt to help their communities be more sustainable…….read

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Issue 7: March 22, 2007
Green Summit! Planetizen! * How Green is Your City? * “A hundred million little issues”: an interview with Minneapolis sustainability coordinators * Minneapolis Sustainability Annual Report

Issue 6: March 1, 2007
Advances Everywhere * Green building adoption rate soars in U.S. cities * The U.S. Green Building Council Launches LEED for Neighborhood Development * Recent News and Noteworthy Resources In Green Building * Green Affordable Housing Guide

Issue 5: February 22, 2007
What’s cleantech and where is it? * California Green Summit * 45 Days of Political Climate Change * The 100th Best Practice Wins a Prize!!! * Sustainability Program Summary for Phoenix, AZ

Issue 4: February 1, 2007
Our Top 10 Green Cities Featured on Weather Channel’s Climate Code * Top 10 things you can do to green your community * Send us your best PSAs! * California: New Solar Homes Partnership

Issue 3: January 10, 2007
Who’s using SustainLane Government? * New Year’s Announcement * The Revolution will be Televised! * Grease to Gas Power (Riverside, CA)

Issue 2: December 5, 2006
Join us at the Congress of Cities! * How Green is Your City? The SustainLane US City Rankings to be published as new book * City Hall Green Renovation (Rohnert Park, CA)

Issue 1: October 31, 2006
Sample of Cities and Counties that have submitted Best Practices * Best Practices Knowledge Base! * Denver International Airport * How do I get full access?

2008 U.S. City RankingsVideo Footage of Mayors